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The summer of 2020 will be remembered as a giant void in the festival calendar with coronavirus causing a deluge of postponements and cancellations from Shetland to Sarawak. In a show of support for the festival community, musicians and Songlines contributors share their favourite festival memories over the years. Read more in the current issue (#160) available now.


Songlines #160 (Aug/Sept 2020) is out now!

Kurdish singer talks about living in exile and her former life in Turkey, we share our favourite festival memories in support of live music, a Beginner's Guide to Rajery and plenty more in the latest issue of Songlines


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Music in the time of Coronavirus

COVID-19’s impact has been global and unprecedented. Russ Slater speaks to various musicians and people who work within the music community about how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting their approach to making and promoting music


Babel Music XP

Marseille’s international music forum makes a welcome return and calls for artists to apply for its showcase programme



Inside the issue…

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Celebrating Festivals – Our favourite festival memories over the years

Afropentatonism – Connecting Nigerien and Ethiopian music

Musicians in Detention – Australia's refugee policy under fire

Keleketla! – The exciting South African collaboration 

+ Top of the World CD with Rough Guides founder Mark Ellingham's playlist

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What our travellers say...

“A beautiful country, wonderful people, art, music, & culture. A huge shout out to [tour leader] Russ [Slater]. He’s a great guy and did a fabulous job!” Marcie Wolf (Colombia tour)

“I really think these Songlines Music Travel trips are excellent value. You go to a part of the globe that is just so rich in musical culture and you’re guided to all the best places by someone who has lived there, speaks the language and loves the music. You can’t get better than that.” Manureen Ni Fiann (Senegal tour)

“The whole trip was excellent! The opportunities provided by the tour leader to meet local bands amd have private performances were outstanding, memorable and very special. So was the group of fellow travellers. The two weeks passed by so fast and I enjoyed every minute. Many thanks to all involved.” Jane Foulsham (Cuba tour)

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“This has been a superb trip – educational, cultural, absorbing and a feast for all the senses – the music, colour, tastes, smells and sights. I hope to take this and other trips again with Songlines.” Raxa Melita (Essaouira tour)

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